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Social Green House
The Entrepreneurship Program
for idea-driven entrepreneurs

Care to Change The World

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Social Green House An introduction

Do you have an idea that could become a company? Maybe you have tested once before but feel it was too difficult. Maybe you are already an entrepreneur and want to help someone else get started. 

Let us help you! Social Green House is the only entrepreneurship program, as far as we know, in the world that not only helps the entrepreneur to start his business but also to run the business for up to two years. This is done through Step 1 and Step 2, respectively. It is inclusive and an equal way of running a company where everyone is given the opportunity to succeed. 

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Our program is divided into two stages. Both steps are optional and the contractor decides entirely for himself where he wants to step in. If you have never started a business, it is recommended that you do it properly from the beginning to minimize any mistakes later on. 

We believe in the cooperative community to really succeed with their company and the support and knowledge we offer is thus based on a genuine commitment. Simply explained, Step 1 is our joint preparation for a business start-up, while Step 2 is from the start of the business onwards. Need a website or help with financial statements? An important meeting or a customer who does not pay for himself? Whatever it is, we are with our contractors from A to Z.

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In the same way as buying your home, starting a business is a big step for most people. Sometimes you know what you want but then it is difficult to even start up the business. Other times you have started but lack the basics of what it means to be an entrepreneur and the relationship with various authorities is more unpleasant than it should be. 

Step 1 in Social Green House is about establishing a stable foundation for future activities. Together, a proper screening of the future company is done and we create the documents needed to give the business a structure, such as a business plan, risk and needs analysis, and manage the relationship with the relevant authorities. Unlike other providers of similar services, we do everything together with the entrepreneur, according to our templates for which we dare to take responsibility. As a new entrepreneur, it is common to feel lonely and that is the feeling we should work away. Between rounds, we will also make sure to introduce matching members within the European Social Label who support you both with tips and advice on how they got started and, if they want, offer you a good offer on services that you need according to the needs analysis. All in all, you get good support from day one in our program, not only from us but from other entrepreneurs who have made exactly the same journey before. 

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Hopefully it is the case that you want to start your company after doing Social Green House Step 1. If this is not the case, but that you thrive in the environment in and around startups, then we can try to match your skills with other start-ups that have also passed program or are already established entrepreneurs looking for new employees. But if you want to go further and realize your business, we would like to see that we can be part of your journey. By getting to know those who have attended the program, we want to offer a long-term relationship that initially extends up to 24 months. During this time, Social Green House is involved in everything related to the business and assists with support for what in many cases may seem difficult. Examples are accounting, meetings and sales, relationships with authorities, supplier services or whatever else is considered tricky.

With that said, European Social Label and Social Green House can of course not do everything and should such a scenario arise, the business will instead turn to its members who certainly know the answer to the question or at least can point us in the right direction! Two years may sound like a long time, but it is about each step in entrepreneurship being experienced during our time together. Once the time is up, it is up to the contractor whether the collaboration should continue or not.

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Social Green House - for labor market policy makers

There is a procurement called AF-2021/0008 8790 which is said to start in November 2021. This call prevents contractors of Other labor market policy programs or projects to work with people who are part of those programs, and who are not included in this procurement, with the aim that the participant wants to start their own company. You can read about this on AF-2019/0043 5409, section 

For the suppliers that operate within AF-2021/0008 8790, the activity that meets the expectations in the procurement is what Social Green House calls Step 1. When then your participants are ready to go over to Step 2, we take over fully and the person leaves you. It is not a requirement for the European Social Label to be enrolled in a labor market policy program in order to participate in the Social Green House.

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Social Impact House

The inclusive and equal corporate hub

Social Impact House is the meeting place for established small businesses, members of the European Social Label and participants in the Social Green House - the entrepreneurial program. Here, small businesses are given the opportunity to work in a creative and stimulating environment that also allows to inspire and help others get into working life, either for the first time or again. 

Social Impact House is the name of the local hubs run by the European Social Label where half of the users come from the Social Green House entrepreneurship program and half come as members. Having your office at Social Impact House provides added value for small businesses that can take part in several different services such as their own customer system, of course fully GDPR adapted, intranet with the opportunity for both chat and video and much more. 

The Social Impact House is funded by two parties: the EUSL Foundation and affiliated companies in the European Social Label

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Social Green House - part of the EUSL Group

The European Social Label Group, the EUSL Group, is a quarter of the European Social Label that has a goal of solving Sweden's and Europe's integration challenges in society, something that is defined as a person who is unemployed for 30 days. This should be done by making it more attractive for business to work with integration and exclusion, by offering services and tools, marketing and socially beneficial projects. The EUSL Group is the engine of the entire operation and which drives development forward and develops new services and platforms according to members' wishes. The EUSL Group also highlights the presence of authorities and municipalities, as well as the idea-driven sector and for these closer to the business community to make it easier to work together. Finally, the EUSL Group also works directly with private individuals, then through the Social Green House program for those who want to start their own business. 

The EUSL Group is a conglomerate consisting of seven different activities that together form a unit and also gives small businesses the opportunity to participate and solve the biggest challenge of our time: Integration into society. 

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The European Social Label Foundation

The foundation is the EUSL Group's way of explaining and demonstrating the group's work in a simple way. The foundation receives its capital from members of EUSL who partly want to be involved and create a better society for everyone to live and work in but also increase their own turnover through brand development, marketing and other similar initiatives. A win-win for everyone. The foundation also wants to highlight the inefficiencies that prevail among both Sweden's and Europe's authorities when it comes to integration and gender equality issues. The foundation's contribution and work in the community is based on EUSL's members wanting to be involved and make an effort, otherwise it will not happen. Since the majority of the members are small businesses, they also demand that things go fast. The foundation therefore does not work with monthly preparation periods and long procurements, but takes in proposals from the members, presents measures and then the members say yes or no. 

The European Social Label Foundation finances at least 50% the activities of the Social Green House at national level. 

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