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Social Green House

About us and about the program 

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About us

With a background in the private, state and municipal sector, the European Social Label was formed with the aim of bridging the discrepancy that existed between mainly complementary actors to authorities and municipalities, and the business community in Sweden. For small businesses, it has historically been difficult to motivate people to spend time in some form of exclusion. The European Social Label wanted to remedy this and thus, among other things, the Social Green House was created. There are other players who perform similar services, of course, but Social Green House differs in two points: The network of small businesses and the design through a two-step program, where we can follow the newly started company closely and also be involved in operational issues. 

The program is designed primarily to help the entrepreneur to stand on his own two feet. At the same time, we run activities and sometimes also business for our already existing members in that the participants in Social Green House will in most cases need some form of supplier as well. The goal of the European Social Label is to create an ecosystem for healthy business and a more equal and inclusive society. Entrepreneurship is an important part of this. If you are in a job-seeking process, a functional variation or lack of language skills can be a major obstacle to getting a job. On the other hand, if a functionally varied or a person with a lack of language skills has the title of CEO and is looking for new employees, for most people it does not matter at all, but rather is perceived as something interesting and exciting. It must be remembered that functional variations or lack of language skills are someone else's everyday life and within the European Social Label society must allow this and it is up to the individual to say no when it is no longer enough.  

The European Social Label wants to both challenge and develop prevailing societal structures so that more people can more easily enter working life, either through employment or self-employment. Here, language does not matter, if you are self-sufficient and have a purpose to fulfill, the language skills will come regardless. The current system is based on a 1-2-3 process, while the European Social Label is of the opinion that this should be possible in several parallel tracks.