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Program Description Step 1

Care to Change the World

Program description

Starting a business should be fun, educational and exciting, but in many cases it is just the opposite. One thing we have learned by looking at others who perform similar services is that together they do not want to take any responsibility for anything. What should a business plan look like? "Download one from Almi" is the consistent answer. Of course, there is nothing wrong with Almi, on the contrary, but Social Green House has its own templates for business plans and all other documents that we fill in together with the prospective entrepreneur. It is our way of getting to know the person behind the business idea. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to express themselves smoothly in business plans or figure out what the risks or needs are. Many times the knowledge - and there with the insight - is too weak and then you do not come to any risks and instead you fall into the trap. 

We also assist with risk and needs analyzes and then match it with already established members within the European Social Label and then invite them to meet the entrepreneurs. The purpose is to infuse some inspiration and knowledge from some who have already made the journey and to create some network for the entrepreneurs as early as possible. Of course, we also help with the production of documents to the relevant authorities if needed. Step 1 in Social Green House takes different lengths of time depending on what phase you are in life. In the same way that it takes different lengths of time for people to get a driver's license. But Social Green House is with us all the way and develops the structure needed to create a viable company. Step 1 is completed on the day when the documents are sent to the Swedish Companies Registration Office. 

It can also be the case that you feel that self-employment is not something to invest in. Then it is so and should not be seen as a loss but instead you have grown with new insights and we see it as part of lifelong learning. Social Green House focuses mainly on entrepreneurship in the idea-driven sector, but everyone is of course welcome. 

"Writing a business plan for yourself, which someone else will judge, was probably among the worst I've been through" / dyslexic