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Program Description Step 2

Care to Change the World

Program description

Step 2 takes over where Step 1 ends, ie when someone submits an application to the Swedish Companies Registration Office. The step is of course voluntary and if you are a little experienced, this is also where you can start if you want. The step is to include European Social Label as a partner in the company, where European Social Label also agrees not to take part in a possible profit in the company and the only consideration is that the newly formed company becomes a member of European Social Label. The co-ownership, as well as Step 2, is limited in time to a maximum of two years. During this time, the European Social Label and Social Green House get involved in the company and support it by participating where needed. This can be finding good suppliers, creating websites, bookkeeping and accounting, important sales meetings, annual reports or anything else that the contractor finds difficult or feels uncomfortable. 

The fact that the collaboration extends over two years is for the entrepreneur to experience every step of the business. Social Green House will never be the leading or controlling party in the company, we only offer support and assist where we can. On paper, it is a co-ownership, but in reality it should be perceived as a supportive function. When the collaboration period begins to come to an end, we will have a discussion about what the continuation should look like. It may be that the company will continue to be run but under its own auspices now that it is on its own two feet, that it will continue to be run in the current form of cooperation or that the company will be closed down. This is entirely up to the contractor and from our side there is no compulsion. But joining as a partner in a business, or bringing a partner into your own business, guarantees that you get a commitment and there is always someone to turn to and you are never alone. 

"Social Green House wants to offer participation and commitment, but for real, without constantly focusing on making money"